Spotlight on a supporter: Laura from Articulate

This month, we wanted to give a shout out to Laura and Articulate. For over eight years, Laura has been coming to the centre to run creative and therapeutic photography workshops for our young people. She now travels 170 miles every week from Bristol for the sessions! Our clients love working with Laura and the work they produce together is stunning (see examples below!).

What made you want to get involved with the Clock Tower Sanctuary in the first place? 

I’m passionate about the arts and the power it offers. For me, creating art is a process of constantly sharing and learning from one another, as well as a powerful space that allows us to learn more about ourselves. At the Clock Tower Sanctuary, I felt there was a real opportunity to provide young people with a platform to explore personal creative expression. Art offers alternative ways to find the words to articulate our feelings, and so my sessions offer a safe, welcoming space, encouraging vulnerable young people to truly express themselves, find their voice and feel heard.

How long have you now been working with us? 

I have been leading these workshops in collaboration with Articulate and The Clock Tower Sanctuary for over eight years. The weekly workshops provide young people with a safe space to be creative, where they can explore new skills and ideas without pressure. The sessions follow a drop-in format, whereby young people are always welcome without commitment, to suit the transitional nature of those accessing the centre. Each workshop is designed to be standalone, so no prior experience is required and no assumptions are made about those attending. Each workshop explores new skills and ideas, and is completely open for the young people to lead and steer to suit their own needs and interests.

What makes working with our young people rewarding? 

It is a real privilege to be part of this project; to meet all the interesting, young talented people that come to the sessions each week. It’s so rewarding, seeing how the sessions positively impact their confidence and self esteem and, for these young people facing extremely difficult circumstances, is so important to support their mental well-being and future development.

Telephone: 01273 722 353

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