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Day Centre Opening Hours


Our day centre is open

September 2020

Our day centre is re-opening from Thursday 10 September to support young people who are rough sleeping.

We are open Monday, Tuesday (from October), Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays between 11.00am-12.15pm and 1.30pm-2.45pm.

Please call 01273 722 353 and choose option 1 to book yourself a slot, as we can only have a  certain number of people visiting at the moment. We have food to take away, hot drinks, limited use of the washing machines and showers, storage and use of the computers. Please remember to bring your mask, or we can give you one when you arrive.

We hope that classes and activities will be back up and running soon. Case working for all our clients continues as usual. 

Anyone in Brighton & Hove who is aged 16 to 25 years old and homeless/insecurely housed can call us for help on 07930 050820 or 01273 722 353.

If you are a supporter and would like to help us - we are a small charity and rely entirely on donations to keep our services running. Many of our fundraising events have been cancelled this year so we would be very grateful for any support you can offer us by donating here. We appreciate every penny! Thank you. 

What we do

We work with young homeless people to give them space, support & stability

We provide a space for 16-to-25-year olds who are homeless, where they can feel safe and 'just be', as well as getting access to services and support. We provide the everyday things that young homeless people need, like somewhere to shower, do laundry, eat a healthy meal, use computers and get post. By helping to meet these practical needs, young homeless people can focus on their futures. 

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We are the only drop-in day centre in Brighton & Hove for 16-to-25 year olds who are homeless or insecurely housed. We provide practical and emotional support to help young people to move from crisis to stability.

Discover Dandi's story

Dandi first came to the day centre with her brother, as she was too nervous to come on her own. Like many young people we support, she had become homeless as relations with her mum had deteriorated to the point where she could no longer live at home. 

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Could you help us by making a one-off or regular gift? You can offer a lifeline to a young person who has nowhere else to turn. Thank you!



Could pay to top up a client's phone, so that we can stay in touch with them during the Covid-19 crisis.



Could pay for cooking equipment and some food supplies for a young person living in temporary accommodation. 



Could pay for a Support Coordinator to spend a few hours with a young person who is having a really difficult time.  


Or donate whatever you can afford here...

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“The Clock Tower Sanctuary meets your basic needs and that allows you to get organised and to try and get a job. Otherwise, you are in a fight or flight survival mode and you can very easily spiral down, becoming depressed and lonely. It’s exhausting.”

- Ivan, aged 23

The latest news

What have young people been telling us about lockdown?


June 2020 – as the lockdown began, our clients who were rough sleeping were quickly triaged into accommodation with little time to prepare themselves. Some were placed in unfamiliar parts of Brighton and some further away in Newhaven or Eastbourne. Many told us they were pleased to be accommodated but found this new, unplanned change of circumstances difficult. They didn’t ...

A day in the life of a CTS Support Coordinator


Our three Support Coordinators are key to the work we do at CTS – find out more from Angelika about what her job involves: “In reality, no two days are exactly the same! When I get into work, I’ll check emails and my to-do list. There’s usually some paperwork to complete before our team of volunteers arrive. We then sit ...

Where we are

Day centre entrance for young people

You can find us just off Ship Street. We're in a little alley way between a clothes shop and a cafe called The Trading Post. Look for the sign on the street.

Office entrance for visitors and deliveries
We are at Wenlock House,  41-43 North Street, Brighton, BN1 1RH. You can find us to the left of The Body Shop. 

Opening hours - revised

Due to COVID-19, we are running a more limited service at the day centre. We are open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 11.00am - 12.15pm and between 1.30pm - 2.45pm. Please phone us on 01273 722 353 and press option 1 to book a slot to come along and use the facilities . 

Email and phone

You can call us - 01273 722 353

Or email us -


Telephone: 01273 722 353

Drop-in service opening times

Monday – Friday: 10am – 2pm
Saturday: 11am – 3pm

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