Welcome to The Clock Tower Sanctuary

We are the only day-centre in Brighton & Hove for 16 to 25-year olds who are homeless or insecurely housed. We provide vital practical and emotional support to help vulnerable young people move from crisis to independence.

Young people using the Clock Tower Sanctuary kitchen
  • The Sanctuary helped me kick-start my life

    “Whatever your situation is, whatever you’ve lost, you can sort your life out massively with one big kick-start as soon as you walk through the door at The Clock Tower Sanctuary.”

    Current client
    23 years old
  • The Sanctuary gave me hope

    “I was on a path to self-destruction and quite frankly I would have been dead by now without The Sanctuary. Some of my friends didn’t make it and I would have been there with them right now. The Sanctuary gave me hope and that’s priceless.” 

    Past client
    33 years old
  • I feel safe and comfortable

    “Some services will provide warmth and food but The Sanctuary is so much more than that. I felt safe and comfortable in myself. For the first time I could concentrate on sorting myself out and working out what I needed to do.” 

    Current client
    21 years old

Why we are needed

According to Centrepoint, 103,000 young people in the UK are currently homeless, or at risk of homelessness. Last year, 1,055 young people approached Brighton & Hove Council for help with their homelessness – this is a 40% increase in two years.

And rough sleeping has increased in the city by 929% since 2010. (Sources: ‘Making homeless young people count’ Centrepoint 2018; ‘Rough Sleeping’, Homeless Link 2017).

The Clock Tower Sanctuary receives 4,000 visits from young people who have nowhere else to turn. We offer washing and laundry facilities, hot meals, confidence-building activities and help with accessing health services, benefits, accommodation, training and work.

Dandi's Story

How you can help


could pay for a young person to have a hot shower, wash their clothes and to prepare and eat a nutritious meal.


could provide a young person with new shoes or a shirt and tie to go to a job interview or wear on their first day.


could train a Clock Tower Sanctuary volunteer to support young homeless people at our day centre.


could pay for the day centre to be open for a day. Helping us provide a full range of crisis and support services.

Donate with Just Giving

We rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters to keep our services running. If you are able to donate today, you will be helping a young person to get their life back on track.
You can donate with Just Giving or by making a regular gift, cheque or bank transfer here ».

Thank you – we appreciate every donation.

Day Centre Opening Hours

10:00am to 12:00 pm: We are open for breakfast for rough sleepers, backpackers and sofa surfers. Use of showers, washing machines & dryers, computers/internet and support services.

12:00pm to 2:00 pm: A hot lunch is available for all clients. Use of showers, washing machines & dryers, computers/internet and support services.

2:00pm to 4.00 pm – Case working appointments and daily activities.


Music Workshop: Monday 2:00 – 3:30 pm
Massage: Wednesday 12:00 -2:00 pm
Yoga: Wednesday 2:00 – 3:00 pm
Table Tennis: Thursday 2:00 -3:00 pm
Women’s Group: Friday 1:00 – 2:00 pm
Men’s Group: Friday 2:00 – 3:00 pm
Film Club: Saturday 11:00 am

The CTS Annual Review 2018 Cover ImageIn 2018, we received 3,984 visits from
young people who had nowhere to call home.

Our Annual Review 2018 outlines the work we’ve carried out, the funds that have been raised and the amazing support we have had.

Download The CTS Annual Review 2018 PDF »

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