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As a small charity, we rely entirely on donations - we need your support now more than ever.

How you can help young homeless people

Being young and homeless at any time is not easy. During this Covid-19 crisis, the homeless community is particularly vulnerable. We are doing everything we can to be there for any young homeless person who needs our help right now - and in the future.

We are continuing to provide food and showers and helping our clients to get medical assistance or emergency accommodation, should they need it. We are also offering our clients vital emotional support that is so needed during these worrying times.  

We rely entirely on donations to run our services and our fundraising could be greatly affected by this crisis.

So, we need your help more than ever. And we really do appreciate every single penny. Thank you.



Could you help us by making a one-off or regular gift? Monthly donations really help us to plan ahead



Could pay to top up a client's phone, so that we can stay in touch with them during the Covid-19 crisis.



Could pay for a new pair of shoes for a young person to wear to a job interview. 



Could pay for warm sleeping bags for young people who are having to rough sleep. 


Or donate whatever you can afford - thank you! 

Yes, I will help

"It was like a family vibe when I first came here. I found it hard to communicate at the time and I would get angry. My case worker talked to the Council and also helped to get my benefits sorted out. I’ve seen the impact that CTS has on people and the way it improves lives. I’ve seen people go from having nothing to being housed and normal.”

- Cara, aged 23

Where we are

Day centre entrance for young people

You can find us just off Ship Street. We're in a little alley way between a clothes shop and a cafe called The Trading Post. Look for the sign on the street.

Office entrance for visitors and deliveries
We are at Wenlock House,  41-43 North Street, Brighton, BN1 1RH. You can find us to the left of The Body Shop. 

Opening Hours

The day centre runs a drop-in service between 10am and 2pm, Monday to Friday and 11am-3pm on Saturday.

The office is open 9.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 

Email and phone

You can call us - 01273 722 353

Or email us -