Support our Easter Appeal

Even for those of us who do have a safe and secure place to call home, it’s been a challenging winter; the cold, wet and windy weather has been inescapable, and at a time when the number of young people experiencing homelessness continues to rise.

In comparison to this time last year, the number of young people visiting our day centre has risen by 15%, and according to the most recent rough sleeping snapshot from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, rough sleeping in Brighton has risen by 27% in 12 months.

Services, like the Clock Tower Sanctuary, are needed now more than ever.

The Clock Tower Sanctuary provides vital facilities, support and a safe space where young people experiencing homelessness can do the day-to-day things that can be difficult without a place to call home – like having a hot meal, showering and doing laundry. Our staff and volunteers support these young people with practicalities like getting sorted with a doctor, benefits and finding a job. The day centre is where these young people to relax, be themselves, make and maintain friendships, and begin to move from crisis to stability.

With your help, we can raise £4,950 to make up the shortfall in our Crisis Fund this Easter, ensuring that young people experiencing homelessness can always count on the Clock Tower Sanctuary to provide the services, support and safe space that empower them to move from crisis to stability.

Will you donate today and help us be there for young people in crisis this Easter?

One of these young people is Sasha…

Sasha, 20 (she/her) was sofa surfing for two years whilst studying art at college, hoping to receive a diploma next year. She has been actively engaging with her CTS caseworker, supporting and empowering Sasha to be more assertive. As a result of these caseworking sessions, Sasha has now moved into supported accommodation and is no longer sofa surfing, allowing her to focus on her education and her future.

“It’s just hard to get on with life if you obviously don’t have somewhere to live, you have to like put everything else on hold. You never quite know when it will end, it feels quite endless sometimes. You feel like you’re just sort of trapped.

“Things would be a lot more difficult without the Clock Tower. I wouldn’t have a washing machine, so like no clean clothes. I probably wouldn’t even always have food to be honest. I think things would be very tough. Now I have my own address to use, which is one less thing to worry about.

“I think the best part is like not feeling so alone, that there are people out there that sort of understand. The staff, and the other young people that come here, but especially the staff I think were really nice.

“I think even if it’s subtle, I definitely feel a change… not only in my like living circumstances, but I feel a lot more confident now that I actually know that there’s people out there to talk to. I think even that makes a difference.”

With your help, we can be there for more young people like Sasha this Easter.

Thank you for supporting young people experiencing homelessness in Brighton & Hove.

Fabia Bates – CEO, the Clock Tower Sanctuary