Sasha’s Story

Sasha, 20 (she/her) was sofa surfing for two years whilst studying art at college, hoping to receive a diploma next year. She has been actively engaging with her CTS caseworker, supporting and empowering Sasha to be more assertive. As a result of these caseworking sessions, Sasha has now moved into supported accommodation and is no longer sofa surfing, allowing her to focus on her education and her future.

How has the Clock Tower Sanctuary helped you?

“I think in lots of different ways, like in ways I couldn’t really find anywhere else, like free food, a washing machine, things like that are really helpful. I think also emotionally as well. I think the best part is like not feeling so alone, that there are people out there that sort of understand. The staff, and the other young people that come here, but especially the staff I think were really nice.”

If you were talking to a friend about what we do at CTS, how would you describe it?

“I would say it’s a very good service if you’ve currently not got anywhere permanent stay or you’re homeless I’d say it’s like the best place to go actually. If you need sort of guidance in the right direction or just somewhere to sort of collect yourself. Yeah I’d definitely recommend it if someone was looking for support.”

What has been most difficult about experiencing homelessness for you?

“I think the stress because you never quite know when it will end, it feels quite endless sometimes. You feel like you’re just sort of trapped. There’s a lot of different ways I could answer that, but I think feeling that you don’t know when it’s going to end. It’s just hard to get on with life if you obviously don’t have somewhere to live, you have to like put everything else on hold.”

If CTS didn’t exist, what would life be like?

“Things would be a lot more difficult I think. I wouldn’t have a washing machine, so like no clean clothes. I probably wouldn’t even always have food to be honest. I think things would be very tough. Now I have my own address to use, which is one less thing to worry about.”

Do you feel like you’ve grown as a person since you first arrived?

“Yeah definitely. Like, I think even if it’s subtle, I definitely feel a change… not only in my like living circumstances, but I feel a lot more confident now that I actually know that there’s people out there to talk to. I think even that makes a difference.”

With your help, we can continue to provide the services, support and safe space that helped Sasha move from crisis to stability. Click here to make a one-off or regular donation today, ensuring that we can continue to be there for every young person experiencing homelessness in Brighton & Hove.

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