Volunteering opportunities with young homeless people

We rely on a team of around forty volunteers to deliver our service – they are the backbone of our organisation and without them, we couldn’t function. Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes with a range of skills, interests and life experience.

As a volunteer, you will be directly responsible for delivering our services, including information and advice to young people who are homeless and insecurely housed, often with complex needs. Volunteering with us will equip you with invaluable experience in what can be an incredibly challenging but highly rewarding setting.

We are not currently recruiting for long term volunteers. If you would like to discuss volunteering at The Clock Tower Sanctuary please get in touch with out Volunteer Co-ordinator, Claud Murray on t:01273 722 353 or e: claudine@thects.org.uk

Other volunteering opportunities

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have any short-term volunteering opportunities available, but if you have specific skills and experience you would like to offer, please email info@thects.org.uk to discuss.

To search for other volunteer placements in Brighton and Hove, please visit the Community Work’s Volunteer Centre »

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