Give a gift that makes a difference this Christmas

By giving a gift to a friend or loved one, you’ll be helping young people at a time when they need it most. From a hot roast dinner to support back into education, your kindness and generosity will help homeless young people begin to change their lives and think of a way forward.

Christmas meal for one

Christmas meal


could buy a hot Christmas meal for a young homeless person.


Bus ticket


could pay for a network saver bus ticket, to keep young people in touch with friends and provide transport to key worker appointments.


Christmas Food Parcel


could provide a Christmas food parcel to a young homeless person

Health and Wellness

Health and well-being sessions


could provide access to our health and wellbeing sessions – such as yoga and martial arts – so a young homeless person feels better equipped to deal with their challenging circumstances.
Mobile Phone Top Up

Mobile phone top-up


could fund a mobile phone top up, vital to keep in touch with their key worker, or to access domestic violence support and mental health services.
Access to Facilities

Christmas meal and present


could provide a hot meal and Christmas present for a young homeless person who may feel isolated or alone this Christmas.

New Clothes or Shoes

Rough sleepers kit


could pay for warm clothes, a sleeping bag and shoes for a young person experiencing rough sleeping.

Home comforts

Home starter kit


could pay for home comforts such as kitchen utensils, pots and pans, and cutlery when a young homeless person moves into their own home.

Crisis Fund

A fun day out


could pay for a day out to somewhere like Chessington World of Adventures, to give a young homeless person a break from their circumstances and the chance to enjoy the type of trips a family might arrange.

A day out

Training and support


could help a young person gain knowledge and confidence with all aspects of maintaining their own place

Drop in Centre

Support our crisis fund


could support our Crisis Fund – providing vital emergency support such as nappies, toiletries and sanitary products, as well as new clothes.


Keep our day centre open


could support our drop-in centre for a day, to provide a safe space for young homeless people to visit, have a hot meal, a shower and do their laundry.

Fund our drop in centre

Support our safe space


could keep our studio running & rooms operating. They are vital spaces to offer 1-2-1 sessions for young people being supported in reaching their long-term goals


Help fund our drop-in centre


could help fund our drop-in centre the week before Christmas, so we're there for young homeless people in Brighton and Hove who need support during the festive time.

Our Virtual Gifts are examples of our work to help young homeless people - such as our drop-in centre and crisis fund. Our drop-in centre provides over 6,000 hot meals every year, along with access to shower and laundry facilities for young homeless people. Our crisis fund helps to provide new clothes, bus tickets, or kitchen equipment when a young person moves into their own place, whilst our key workers help young people to find a way forward, to start to make a new life. Whatever gift you choose to buy thank you - you are helping The Clock Tower Sanctuary to provide support to up to 200 young homeless people every year.