"It's safe and welcoming and there's always a good meal and time to spend just talking to others."


The Clock Tower Sanctuary have always kept their door open to me, even when my behaviour wasn’t the best and I really didn’t deserve it. I’m 23 now but first came here when I was 17.

At the moment I’ve been placed in emergency accommodation in Newhaven. I was born in Brighton and this is the first time I’ve lived outside the city. It’s really difficult. I don’t know anyone and it costs money to get transport to come back to Brighton. But to be honest I’ve dealt with much harder things in my life – it’s been a lot worse.

I have been at The Clock Tower Sanctuary for most of my Christmas lunches in the last few years. It’s somewhere safe and welcoming and there’s always a good meal and time to spend just talking to others. In the pandemic I don’t know what Christmas will be like this year. I can never plan too far ahead but I know they will try and give us a Christmas lunches if they can.

The Clock Tower Sanctuary staff are just ordinary people, like I’d meet in everyday life, not shirt and tie types. I can talk to them. In the last few months Clock Tower have done loads for me in lots of ways. They’ve helped with my bus fare so I can still come in. I have counselling with them and I am trying to behave more responsibly. The Clock Tower Sanctuary have helped me to apply for some supported housing. They filled in the forms with me and my keyworker even came to the panel interview with me too. I am hoping that if I can get into some stable housing I will maybe have the chance to start a new chapter in my life next year.