"The Clock Tower Sanctuary is so important...it gives me peace of mind, even just for a few hours and that is so precious."

- Michael, age 24

Michael's parents moved abroad and without their support, he ended up sleeping on the streets in Northampton. He moved to Brighton hoping to get a job where he could use his customer service skills. But it was tough to find something and soon he was out of money and still sleeping rough. Things started to change when he found The Clock Tower Sanctuary.

“When I was on the streets, I would often go into coffee shops, just to charge my phone and sit down, and I was kicked out so many times because I couldn’t afford to buy anything - it was so dehumanising. I want people to know that we are still just people, just struggling with our situation.

"I had such dark thoughts. That’s why The Clock Tower Sanctuary is so important, because it gives me peace of mind, even just for a few hours, and that is so precious.

"One of the best things about The Clock Tower Sanctuary is that I can be alone. I don’t have to worry about people bullying me, everyone is very understanding. Just being able to come here and chill for a few hours and eat proper food, and not just bread and spread, it’s so important. On Mondays there is an amazing breakfast and the food here is so much better than anywhere else. I don’t have any money at the moment, so I really rely on The Clock Tower Sanctuary for food.

“The Clock Tower Sanctuary paid for my travel to a job interview and offered to buy me shoes for it too. They bought me a new backpack because my old one was falling apart."

Michael's now working as a receptionist at a language school and is saving up for a deposit to rent a flat.

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