Help us raise £12,000 to keep our drop-in centre open during December


Will you give young homeless people the support they need?


Clocktower Guests and StaffFor a young homeless person, Christmas isn’t always such a happy occasion. It can be a time of deep uncertainty and fear. They may be living on the streets, or sofa surfing, constantly on the move.

In Brighton & Hove, young homeless people are sadly all too common. For so many different reasons, these vulnerable young people often can’t be with their families. For them, The Clock Tower Sanctuary may be the only ‘family’ they can turn to for support.

Will you give a gift of £10 and help us run the drop-in centre in December?

With your support, we can raise £12,000, enough to run our centre during December. We’ll be able to give homeless young people like Theo a nutritious meal, a hot shower and essential toiletries, and a place to do their laundry. We can provide a space where they can meet with a key worker, receive emergency support, and begin to think of a way forward.

Christmas Appeal 2021
Help us raise the £12,000 we need to keep our drop-in centre open during the run-up to Christmas – and give young homeless people the support they need.


raised so far

which could help fund our
drop-in centre for 10 days



could pay for a roast dinner and hot shower for a young person.



could provide a roast dinner, hot shower and clean and warm clothes.



could help fund our drop-in centre in the run-up to Christmas. We’ll provide hot meals, showers, laundry facilities and support for young homeless people at a difficult and lonely time of year.

Theo’s Story

It was December 2019 when Theo walked through the door at our day centre. Hungry and cold, he had been sleeping on the streets for three years. Theo was given a hot meal and a shower and, from that day on, his life began to change.

Like many other vulnerable young homeless people who come to the drop-in centre, Theo finally felt safe again. With the help of his key worker, he found temporary accommodation. And over the weeks that followed, instead of surviving day to day, he began to think of the future.

Thanks to his key worker, Kirstie, Theo was able to talk about how he’d fallen out with his violent stepfather, and ended up on the streets. Together, they worked to help Theo address his drug usage, and look at possible ways to earn a living. Theo is now working as a kitchen porter and bit by bit, is building a new life. But it all started the day he walked into The Clock Tower Sanctuary.

With your help, we can keep the doors to our drop-in centre open this December, and give another young homeless person the emergency help they often desperately need.

We use models and change the names of the young people we work with to protect their identity, however, all stories are true and as told by the young person. Our Christmas appeal will help us to raise the £12,000 needed to fund our drop-in centre during December. If we’re lucky enough to raise more money than we need, your gifts will help us to continue to support young homeless people in 2022. Thank you.