"I feel like I have stability and control to reach my goals for the first time."

- Joe, aged 22

As a teenager Joe lived in London. He struggled with bipolar disorder, and the mood swings it caused meant his family relationships broke down. Being young and vulnerable he was a target for drug dealers and developed an addiction. He got clean, got treatment for his mental health and moved to Brighton for a fresh start. But he was relying on friends for a place to stay at night which made it hard to find a job. That's when he found The Clock Tower Sanctuary.

When Joe first came to The Clock Tower Sanctuary we could see how motivated he was to get his life back on track. We helped him get in touch with with the local mental health team and addiction services to support his on-going recovery. We also supported him with registering for benefits and finding out about his housing options.

His confidence grew and told us about his dreams of being a hairdresser. We found a local salon who gave him a trial, and it turned out he was a natural.

The salon manager said, “I was worried at the start but it has been a positive experience. Joe is quirky respectful, polite - everyone likes him. We are delighted”.

Joe started an apprenticeship and a part-time college course in hairdressing. With increased confidence and money he could get a place of his own to stay.

He says: “It’s because of The Clock Tower Sanctuary that I could enrol in the course. I was able to build up my CV and use the phone. I feel like I have stability and control to reach my goals for the first time.”

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