Marathons and more: Emma’s fundraising story

Over the last 3 years, Emma and her group Rogue Runners have raised an incredible £8,818 for us through marathon runs and other challenges. 

These funds have made a huge difference to our work supporting young homeless people in Brighton. Heading down to the seafront to cheer Rogue Runners on in the marathon is always a highlight too!

The group will now be moving on to support a new local charity, so we caught up with Emma to chat about her time fundraising for CTS…

What inspired you to start fundraising for CTS in the first place?

So I’m the Charity Officer for Rogue Runners, and every couple of years we choose a new charity to support through various challenges and fundraisers. I’d read a lot about CTS and the amazing work you do. Having 3 teenage boys myself, it always just affects me when I see young people without a home to go to. My sons are lucky, but seeing young people sleeping rough makes you realise the situation could quite easily be different – families break down all the time. So I put CTS forward to be our new charity a few years ago and everyone at the club was on board. We don’t charge a membership fee but just encourage members to raise money for our nominated charity. 

What was the first event you took part in to raise funds for CTS?

Oh there’s been so many it’s difficult to remember…I think a club pub quiz!

What does it feel like when you complete a challenge, knowing that you’ve raised loads of money for a good cause?

Amazing! I’ve run Brighton Marathon twice for CTS and it’s really really hard. You just have the people you’re trying to help in the back of your mind and that really spurs you on. I always end up reflecting on how lucky I am, but knowing you’re making even a small difference to people’s lives makes you feel good.

Do you have a favourite memory from a CTS fundraising challenge?

I’d probably have to say the CTS team cheering me on at the side of the road during the marathon. They were going absolutely mental! It was quite emotional. 


From everyone at CTS, a huge thank you to Emma and Rogue Runners for their incredible efforts!

Telephone: 01273 722 353

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