Haircuts back up and running in the centre

Last Friday, the wonderful George from Angel-i Barbers returned to the centre for the first time after the pandemic to offer our clients free haircuts. 

George, who is based at Richmond Barbers in London, is a passionate about using his skills to make a difference, and regularly works with charities and other community groups.

He is involved with Haircuts 4 Homeless, a group who have successfully built a whole community of skilled hairdresser volunteers who give their time to provide homeless people with a haircut.

“We all take haircuts for granted but for some people it can be more than that,” George says.

“I do what I do because we’re all human. Just because you’re less fortunate than someone else it doesn’t mean you don’t have the same right to feel fresh and good about yourself, even if it is for a short period. Nothing beats that smile and sparkle in the client’s eye when they see themselves in the mirror.”

A barber is shaving a man's head. The barber is wearing an orange hoody and smiling, and his client is looking into the camera and smiling with his thumbs up.

When he’s not at CTS, George can be found at a number of other charities and community centres, offering free haircuts to those in need.

As George says, getting a haircut can boost your self-esteem and lift your mood, and great people like him are working to ensure everyone can access one.

From everyone at CTS, thank you George!

Telephone: 01273 722 353

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