Comic Relief 2022: CTS makes national TV debut!

If you tuned in to Comic Relief a couple of weeks ago, you might have noticed that CTS made a brief but brilliant appearance!

57 minutes into the show, during a clip thanking the KFC Foundation, a snippet of a video about our ex-client Dandi’s experience was shown – you can watch the full version here.

Close up of Dandi's face, the client from the video. She is wearing a red headscarf and smiling. There is a graffiti wall in the background.

Dandi, the star of CTS’ first appearance on national TV!

Dandi became homeless after her relationship with her mum became so difficult that she couldn’t stay at home anymore. She started coming to The Clock Tower Sanctuary with her brother, and gradually things started to improve.

Funding from Comic Relief is so important for us, helping to pay for everything from day-to-day running costs to vital Tenancy and Independent Living Skills (TILS) training for clients like Dandi.

Congratulations to them and everyone who got involved for raising an incredible £42,790,147! 


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