Thanks for your interest in our Winter Appeal. 

This appeal is now closed but we still need your help, please visit the homepage for the most up to date information.

Help us raise £20,000 and bring homeless young people in from the cold this winter

Scared. Weary. Alone.

As the nights grow darker, and the chill creeps in, they are out there.
On these long winter nights. Scared. Weary. Alone.

With nothing but the freezing sea winds, and the rowdiness of the streets for company,
they are out there.

When you and your loved ones are safe and warm, tucked under cosy duvets in heated homes,
they are out there.

Support our Appeal and help bring one or more vulnerable young person in from the cold this Christmas.

It is the loneliest time to be homeless. Even in Brighton & Hove, a city known for its tolerance and kindness, for those living and sleeping rough on the streets, violence, abuse, and verbal attacks are an everyday reality.

You can bring help, hope, and reassurance that they are not forgotten.

Remind them that somebody cares.

This winter The Clock Tower Sanctuary day centre will welcome in hundreds of homeless young people under 26 and offer them a hot shower, a home cooked meal and a place to belong. A safe place where warmth and kindness surround them and remind them that someone cares.

  • You can change someone's life

    You can change someone's life

    Your generous support will change the lives of so many young people. Lives like Dandi’s…
  • Urgent Winter Appeal
    “With The Clock Tower Sanctuary’s support, I’ve got a home and a job. I would really like to become a youth worker one day and give back the help I have been given.” Dandi, aged 22

Dandi's story

Watch Dandi’s story to find out first hand how The Clock Tower Sanctuary helps young homeless people like Dandi to get their lives back on track.