Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be at The Clock Tower Sanctuary.

As a fresh faced 18 year old I worked in Baltimore at a summer camp for young people who were in care, trying to give them get a leg up in life. I adored that work and did that for four summers.
I then dipped my toe into politics working for the Shadow Minister for Children. In Parliament, along with the MP I worked for, I tried to persuade government to do more to protect the most vulnerable and provide the funding for opportunities to young people that I had been lucky enough to have and experience. Since then I have worked in and around politics and PR for 20 years but have moved on to becoming Britain’s only tornado expert (long story, don’t ask). I have no idea where that time went, but I want to use some of my knowledge, contacts and experience to help CTS give a voice to the experiences of the young people in Brighton it does so much to help.

What do you like most about working at The Clock Tower Sanctuary?

Pretty much everyone says it on here but that is because it is true – the passionate people.

What’s your favourite tea time treat?

I sound like a good old hippie when I say homemade seaweed crisps and a green tea with the bag left in. No stirring – just let the strength come naturally over time.