Donate goods

Donating goods like food, clothes and cleaning products is a great way to support us. Your donations keep running costs down and directly help young people in need. 

Winter Wish list

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we are having to slightly change the way we work and we cannot accept donations of second hand clothing. By gifting through our Amazon Wish List  you can help young people get the daily essentials they need like toiletries, warm clothes, socks, underwear and face masks as well as helping to keep our day centre stocked with cleaning materials, washing powder for the laundry and those all important hot drinks. Thank you!

One of the CTS team with a large box of washing powder
Donations from a business supporter

“I had no money and relied on The Clock Tower Sanctuary for food, especially the parcels, which I would take to the library to heat up. I often had to get by on one meal a day. I’m trying to eat as much I can now to gain all the weight I lost. I use the kitchen a lot and eat all the food the volunteers cook up for us.”

- Emily, aged 21