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Shockingly, in the UK, the average life expectancy of a male rough sleeper is just 47 years old and just 43 for women (Crisis ‘Homelessness Kills’ 2011). We work with young people who are at a critical period in their transition to adulthood to prevent them from becoming part of this horrifying statistic. We can only do this with your support.

“Some services will provide warmth and food but The Sanctuary is so much more than that. I felt safe and comfortable in myself. For the first time I could concentrate on sorting myself out and working out what I needed to do.” James, 21 years old

“I was on a path to self-destruction and quite frankly I would have been dead by now without The Sanctuary. Some of my friends didn’t make it and I would have been there with them right now. The Sanctuary gave me hope and that’s priceless.” Joe, past client, aged 33 years old

Did you know last year we supported...

  • 253 clients who visited our service 7,746 times
  • 4,488 hot meals were eaten
  • 808 showers were taken
  • 12 of our clients secured employment and 8 attended training programmes

We anticipate these numbers will increase due to issues including welfare reform and the potential moves to restrict housing benefit for 18-21 year olds.